Food, Glorious Thai Food!

For dinner, each night, there are two options: There is the W Market, the immediate square where I live, which is essentially an outdoor food court, or you can venture one block away and hunt down some street food for half the price, although you have to be very discerning about what and where you select your food.                         

Initially, I was rather bold and I ate a lot of mystery dinners, but after a few bad experiences I now avoid anything pre-cooked or fried in oil. This is more difficult than it seems because most street food is unappealingly oily, greasy, sloppy, or stew-y. 

Every night I will find a big salad like this and some sort of soup. Tonight, however, sushi is on the menu, which is rather glamorous for street food. The Japanese couple who make it are lovely and utter perfectionists, which suits me completely!

Buon appetito!

W Market. Photo by @Annabelle_Henderson

W Market. Photo by @Annabelle_Henderson