Bangkok in Christchurch

HOLY FIRE is now open at Chambers Art Gallery, showcasing ten of my works from Bangkok.

After spending so long developing images and working with 'theoreticals', it was satisfying-to-the-core to finally see some completely, utterly, thoroughly finished artworks. Ronald Mottram Picture Framers even got the lithographs framed over the weekend and hung perfectly into the space.

I am grateful and indebted to the people that responded to my emails and calls when I needed help during the past few weeks. Usually I am pridefully independent, but it was heart-warming and humbling to know that there was a community of artists and friends who were willing to lend their wisdom, time and support - especially John Pusateri, of the Auckland Print Studio, without whom this exhibition probably wouldn’t have happened. I have actually never met John, but he was generous with his resources, experience, and always responded to my unusual print queries while I was working in the lonely hours of the Ilam Print Studio; a total exhibition-saver!

And as usual, it was a rambling, people and conversation-filled delight working with the Chambers team!