Kia ora family and friends,

During the past week I have retreated into my ‘don’t-talk-to-me-I-am-very-focused-and-working’ mode. All day I draw, scan, draw, edit, draw, photograph, draw, trace, draw, eat, and repeat. If I can find sleep, I dream of black line-drawings, shadow puppets, lai thai flame motifs, Vallotton prints, and giant sheets of mildewing paper. The curator is gently nagging me for a promotional image for my exhibition, so I suppose you can expect to see something finished soon.

Each day I install my workspace in a new café, which today was in Ari, the hipster ghetto. I usually commandeer a small table with my drawing pad, pens, camera, laptop, chargers, external hard-drive, Wacom tablet, smartphone and headphones, and then I descend into a cloud of intense focus, fuelled by jazz symphonies and artisan coffee and tea. Time becomes vaguely fluid while I work, and I will re-emerge around closing time to see if anything worthwhile has cometh-forth onto my drawing pad or laptop screen. Today I drew about fifty spotted doves. They are comical and charming; worthwhile.

I am taking great pleasure in the unfailing sensation of unfamiliarity, of being off-balance: new concepts, new imagery, new research, new techniques, new working environments, new work-flow, new suppliers and new materials. Redirecting all this newness and its creative surprises into a cohesive, unified collection of images will be my challenge during the coming weeks.

Sitting on my desktop is a neglected folder with half-a-dozen, half-finished blog posts and a stock pile of Instagram photos. Eventually they will all be uploaded online, but, for now, please, be patient, I’m focused, I’m working.


(This is a sneaky photo, by Annabelle, of me not-so-sneakily drawing our fellow passengers on the BTS Skytrain.)