The Dog Star Robbers

In Thailand, the Canis Major star, Sirius, is known by two names: Doa Ma Lap, The Sleeping Dog Star, and Dao Chon, The Robber Star. A baby born as Sirius rises in the sky has an increased likelihood of eventually, and unfortunately, becoming the member of a robber gang. The moment The Sleeping Dog Star rises, all street-dogs, house-dogs and watch-dogs descend into a deep sleep, creating the perfect opportunity for robbers, or khamoi, to burgle a property.

dog star

This print was inspired by the Komainu, the temple guardian dogs, and also the two occasions I was attacked by some of the feral, alive-but-rotting street dogs in our local area, all in dire need of euthanisation. Most have external abscesses, festering cuts, ticks, and matted fur. They lurk under cars, sleep in the gutters and suspiciously eye those passing by. I hold limited affection for these creatures, but they seem loved by the locals.