The Groggy Morning After

The exhibition opening is over and I can breathe freely and enjoy fully my final week in this mad city I have grown disconcertingly fond of.

I am relieved and exhausted and quite satisfied. Five hours’ sleep was all my body allowed me, so I am up on the rooftop in the early morning while the city below stumbles awake in the warming, prickly air. My only immediate company are the sulky black crows perched on the surrounding clusters of spiked aerials, occasionally hopping and bobbing from one jagged spoke to another.

The exhibition opening was supposed to start at 6.30pm, but it was a sleepy affair until 9pm, which is when crowds of people properly filled the space. Everyone dispersed, eventually, after 11pm, having polished off a crate of Thai whisky.


My evening was predominantly spent in two types of conversation:
The intense, overly-personal kind with the impassioned young liberal arts graduates, living abroad and embroiled in self-absorbed, inconsequential, existential issues: “Do you feel your privileged position has created a romanticised and warped view of Thai life?” “What are the parallels between a Buddhist community versus a Christian community?” “How has this experience changed the way you will [live your entire life]?” Uh…


And the other, easier kind of conversation, which is mostly shallow, surface talk: explaining my process, materials, technique, installation, the residency setup, my previous study and projects, things I have seen, places I’ve gone, and what I will be doing with my remaining ten days; simple answers for simple questions. Provided there is a balance between the two, I thoroughly enjoy both kinds of discussion. Thank you very much to Om, who was a master translator and buffer!


A lot of young French people turned up (because the French are everywhere!) and we went out for a late dinner afterwards. Harry Trotter, the magical, Belgian wild-man, made an appreciated, timely appearance and we escaped for a midnight stroll and drink in the night-time market.


I'll put some details of the images up in a few hours, but for now, here are the installation photographs. Today, I think, I will rest.